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This Power LED Lamp is Perfect to Light up a Wide Range Social Area for up to 8 hours on one Charge !

The perfect party light, the Nevada Bright Light Range will light up a huge 40 square metre area, with its wide angle beam. 

The low energy Ultra-bright LED lamp will last up to 8 hours from a single charge, it uses 12 Power LED's, that are much brighter than ordinary LEDs, more energy efficient and longer lasting than a conventional light bulb.

The re-chargeable battery can be charged via the mains adaptor supplied, a 12V car socket, or with the wind-up handle in emergencies.

Providing high-intensity lighting with a long range beam, the Bright Light Ranger is a vital companion on camping, boating and fishing trips as well as equestrian, marine, farming & construction environments.

Nevada's Managing Director says, "Power LED's are a fantastic new light source and when used in the Bright Light will illuminate a complete back garden, workshop, stables, or other large area, for over 8 hours between charges."

A 6V DC socket is provided on the rear to allow even more lights to be plugged in when required.

  • Bright Light "Ranger"
  • High Power LED Wide angle light
  • Illuminates an Area up to 40 square metres
  • Brighter Than a 60w GLS Bulb
  • Lasts up to 8 Hours from a Full Charge
  • Easy to Charge with internal Micro-Processor Control Circuits
  • Internal Built-In Manual Generator
  • Also Charges From 12v DC Socket or suitable Solar Panel**  (**NOT INCLUDED)
  • Weight:- 1.42kg
  • Dimensions:- 8(w) x 21(h) x 18(d) cm  


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I was taking my caravan for 10 days and took the Bright Light with me. I gave it a full charge before leaving and I found it lasted the whole 10 days. I did give it the odd crank(this was not constant use) I wish it was a spot and not flood light but apart from that it is an excellent torch and would recommend it.
THE arrival of LED lighting technology has paved the way for a number of advances in product evolution in recent years.

Manufacturers can now make their torches, lanterns and even entire interior lighting fit-outs put out a brighter light at the same time as using less energy. It’s a real win-win situation.

Among the latest items to adopt the new technology and to use it to great effect is the Nevada Bright Light Ranger and I’ve been testing it out while camping in Cornwall.

It’s actually got a multitude of possible uses but I chose to take it camping for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s not small and it’s not very light, but it charges off a 12v power supply and a single charge will give up to 12 hours of light.

It can also be charged off the mains or, if you’ve not got any power sources nearby, it can even be cranked back in to life with a wind-up handle. So there’s plenty of ways to light up your life.

Out of the box, it’s got a rather cheap, plastic feel about it but it’s actually very well made and very strong.

The weakest point, in theory, should be the hinge that supports the 12 LED lights - but that’s very well put together and doesn’t seem in any way brittle.

Nevada explains that these LEDs are ‘power’ LEDs, much brighter than ordinary LEDs and, of course, are much better than conventional tungsten or halogen lights.

They really are very bright, in practice. In our tent, once darkness had fallen, it was almost too bright.

The beam that is emitted extends, its makers claim, as wide as 40 sq m but even that is perhaps a tad too directional for lighting up a small space.

It did the job of lighting up the interior very well and, with its carrying handle, became an excellent torch, but there are some other applications that could benefit from such a bright and efficient beam.

Lighting up a workshop, for example. Boating enthusiasts might find this useful in the night, and the intensity of the light could spread right across a garden or stable area.

Its best use, however, could be as an emergency light in case of power failure or, better still, to keep in the back of the car in case of a puncture or breakdown.

The great thing about stocking this away as an emergency light is that, unlike many other similar products on the market, it has the lifeline of a wind-up power supply.

In practice, if I’m honest, this is hard work. That impressive 12 hour lifespan is obviously courtesy of a large battery - hence its weight and this is perhaps the reason you’ll need to do a lot of winding to give yourself a decent amount of light.

That said, in a car, you might still have the option to power it from the cigarette lighter and if you really need the light then 10 minutes furious winding is a small price to pay for the security and convenience.

You could, of course, just remember to keep it charged but we all know, in practice, that that’s not the easiest thing to do and there’s a certain law we all know and love that dictates that, when you need it most, it’ll be flat as a pancake.

At £40 it might seem expensive but it packs a real punch and works very well.

6 months later, even the station manager is still very impressed with the bright light. She can now round up our cats in the garden at night with this powerful lamp, and it has been in constant use around the QTH. The cats do run away in fright when the lamp is used, but the exercise getting them back has been a bonus. Brilliant lamp and made a great Xmas gift for her at this price !

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