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Elecraft KX-AT2

Internal ATU for random wire antennas






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Internal ATU for random wire antennas

 The KXAT2 internal automatic antenna tuner converts a wide range of impedances presented by antennas to a value close to 50 ohms, non reactive (i.e. low SWR) for the KXAT2 itself.

 This allows the transmitter in the KX2 to deliver full RF power in transmit and can also improve sensitivity in receive.  Even many non-resonant "random" wire antennas can be used effectively with the KXAT2 installed. 

When commanded to tune, the KXAT2 searches for the best match (lowest SWR to the transmitter). Once a tuning solution has been located, the solution is stored so that retuning requires less than 1 second.

One tuning solution is stored for each band.

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