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Elecraft KAT-100-1

External Auto Antenna Tuner for K2






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The KAT100 is an ideal match for the K2/100, and will also work with the K2. It can easily handle from 200 mW to 100 watts, and its 10 LEDs accurately monitor SWR during transmit. Like the KAT2, the KAT100 includes two antenna jacks--it's like having two ATUs in one. 

Because of its tight integration with the K2, the KAT100 offers many advantages over other external auto-tuners:

Key Features :

  • Low profile (1.2" high) design -- same footprint as the K2.

  • L/C settings stored in EEPROM--instant recall on band or antenna change

  • Matches 10:1 SWR loads.

  • Automatic power reduction when TUNE is pressed

  • Dual-range bridge allows tune-up with as little as 0.2 watts

  • Direct display of power, SWR, and other data on the K2's LCD

  • Interfaces directly with the K2 via the AUX port (DB9 + 'Y' cable on KPA100 or KIO2).

  • Same K2 control and menu features as the KAT2 QRP tuner.

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