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MetroVna Pro 180MHz

Bluetooth enabled VNA antenna analyser



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Whilst we are out of stock of the Pro 180 MHz call to purchase the 250 MHz version for just £20 extra ie £269.95

Pro 180MHz
  • Touch Screen - colour display
  • Frequency coverage: 1 - 180 MHz
  • Measures : SWR, R, Z, X, phase, Filters, Return Loss, Transmission Loss  (display  as single or simultaneously),
  • RF Signal Generator for testing filters antennas etc.
  • Link via Bluetooth or USB to your Smartphone, Android, Tablet or computer
  • Portable - uses 5,000 mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries
  • USB charge lead not supplied
  • Fast - refreshes in less than 0.1 sec.
  • Export data in easy formats, 'jpg, csv, .pdf, Zplot
  • Compatible with IG/VNA, VNA/J , BluVNA and more
  • Compatible OS : Windows, Linux, Android, MAC OSX
  • Firmware upgradeable

The NEW MetroVna Pro 180MHz is a modern Bluetooth enabled VNA antenna analyser, which covers from 1 to 180 MHz continuously. The MetroVna measures SWR, R, Z, | X |, Phase, Filters, Return Loss, Transmission Loss and will display them one at a time, or simultaneously, on it's large 3.1 inch colour display. You can also use Bluetooth or USB to display on your Smartphone, tablet or Computer (PC or MAC). 

The unit will make measurements on a range of antennas such as dipoles, beams, directive arrays, verticals and many more. Unlike other analysers it also allows for the measurement of filters, attenuators or other more complex items.

With a large backlit colour touch screen you can easily see all measurements with traces of different colours and fast refresh times. With its powerful 32-bit chip it enables real time measurements and with a convenient touch screen interface also allows fast and natural operation. 

There are 10 User selectable menus for monitoring a range of parameters. Using one of these you can view SWR simultaneously on as many as 6 chosen bands and also set the exact frequencies of interest. This menu is very useful for the development of multiband antennas and dipoles.

Powered by an internal Li-Ion battery and with Wireless communication it is possible to take measurements by the antenna but monitor them comfortably on a laptop or smartphone remotely within about 5 metres range. The MetroVna is compatible with the best software as VNA / J, IG / VNA or BlueVna and runs on all platforms Win, Linux, Mac, Android. 

These programs also offer the opportunity 'to export the data to Excel, PDF and other formats. Create charts comparing measurements stored on HD, and more.

Through the USB interface (USB lead now included)  it is possible to interface the instrument to a PC and simultaneously charge the internal battery (included). 

The MetroVna Pro and Touch 'comes with a very rugged aluminium case, measuring just 125 x 95 x 20mm and weighs only 200g. 

The MetroVna Pro fits comfortably in your pocket to take, on vacation, a Dxpedition or wherever you go.

  • Frequency Range: 1-180 MHz
  • Measurement: R, Z, X, SWR, Transmission Loss, Phase, damping of reflection
  • Power max:        -6dBm @ 50
  • Power max. (input terminals)     -70- + 5dBm
  • Accuracy              Â± 2dB
  • Operating Voltage           3.3V
  • Battery: Li-on, 5000 mAh
  • Connectors:       2 times BNC
  • Software             IG / VNA, VNA / J, BlueVNA ...
  • Measure              125 x 95 x 20 mm
  • Weight 200 g

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