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Kenwood TS-590SG "70" Anniversary Limited Edition




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  • Kenwood TS-590SG
  • Kenwood TS-590SG
  • Kenwood TS-590SG
  • Kenwood TS-590SG
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TS-590SG 70


Anniversary edition of TS-590SG

A very limited release of just 700 radios worldwide to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kenwood.

NEVADA has a very limited quantity, so they will be available on a strictly first come first serve basis.

Based on the current TS-590SG HF/50MHz transceiver, this Special Black version features a distinctive front panel, main dial and glass screen. As a special deluxe model, it thus offers the highest levels of performance, functional versatility and quality in this product category - a reputation already established by the current model. Kenwood feel confident that this limited edition will more than satisfy the high expectations of their customers with an eye for elegant design.

A total of only 70 units of the Special Black TS-590SG will be made available in the UK, with a special serial number (unique for each market) applied to the rear panel.

As an added benefit to owners Kenwood will give a Kenwood's TS-590SG 70th anniversary luxury "tour jacket".


  •     Enhanced RX performance accomplished superb 3rd Order Dynamic Range @ practical 2 kHz separation.
  •     CW Decoder
  •     CW signal is decoded and scrolls in the 13-segment section of the LCD (similar to K3). (Decode performance may be affected by noisy/weak signals)
  •     MULTI/CH SW
  •     MULTI/CH encoder is changed. Now with push-switch function.
  •     This switch works as Programmable Function C You can assign a PF function to it such as Key speed, Power, MIC etc. *Click numbers 24 to 20
  •     ANT OUT It's possible to use DRV OUT terminal as ANT OUT.This terminal provides divided antenna output via internal power splitter. So easy to connect external RX such as a Pan-adapter.
  •     *Exclusive with DRV OUT.
  •     *3dB loss in divider.
  •     Split Frequency Setting - Find DX with split operation. Push and hold SPLIT key.
  •     Push "2" key for example.Then you can work 2kHz up in Split Operation.
  •     TX Power Spike - TX power spike comparable to TS-990.
  •     2 kHz Dynamic Range Revised circuitry around 1st Mixer improves C/N characteristic of 1st Local OSC

Exterior enhancements

Increased LCD backlight colour selections from two to tri-colour (AMBER | GREEN | YELLOW) in 10 steps.

The styling of the spin textured Main Dial, colours of printed letters and chrome plating on garnish knobs now match the flagship TS-990S.

  •         Kenwood TS-590SG 70  HF + 6m transceiver
  •         Up to 100watts power output
  •         Power supply requirements  13.8v  (not supplied)
  •          Latest Firmware Installed
  •          Dual roofing filters - 500Hz & 2.7kHz
  •          Down-conversion architecture (1.8/3.5/7/14/21MHz SSB/CW/FSK mode)
  •          32-Bit Floating-point IF DSP
  •          RX & TX DSP Equalisers
  •          110 Memories, with Name Function
  •          PC-Based Control
  •          Built-in Antenna Tuner
  •          CW Keyer with Iambic Modes A/B
  •          USB & Serial Com ports
  •          Low-level drive output including 135 kHz band
  •          Direct-access band keys
  •          Sky Command II

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