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Elecraft KX3-F

HF & 6m portable transceiver -fully assembled





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HF & 6m portable transceiver - fully assembled and tested version

The Elecraft KX3 has received a performance rating in terms of receiver performance - beating everything £1000's more expensive! Now available with either 2m (144MHz) or 4m (70MHz) transverters installed (optional).

 Specifications and features:

  • 160-6 meters, SSB/CW/DATA/AM/FM modes
  • 10 W PEP (100 W with KXPA100 amp)
  • Only 0.7 kg
  • Current drain as low as 150 mA
  • Internal wide-range antenna tuner (ATU) and battery options; built-in speaker
  • Advanced DSP provides dual watch, noise reduction, noise blanking, auto-notch, stereo audio effects
  • Software-defined radio (SDR) architecture plus roofing filters (KXFL3) for excellent dynamic range
  • Operates in data modes (PSK31/RTTY) with or without a PC; includes RX I/Q soundcard outputs

Ultra-Compact Home/Portable/Mobile Station

The revolutionary Elecraft KX3 puts the world in the palm of your hand! Despite its small size, it covers all amateur bands from 160-6 meters, operates in all modes, and has DSP-based features usually found only on larger radios.

The KX3's unique form-factor allows you to operate from anywhere. Fold out the rear tilt-feet for use on a desktop or picnic table, or add our rugged mobile mount bracket for vehicle use.

For extreme portability, you can add the internal wide-range ATU, 8-AA cell battery pack with NiMH charger, and adjustable KXPD3 keyer paddle. With a whip antenna, you can even operate hand-held.

In receive mode, current drain can be as low as 150 mA - about one-half to one-third that of competing all-band portables. Transmit efficiency is also excellent, further improving battery life.

Full-Featured, yet Easy to Use

The KX3 features a large front panel with all controls optimized for convenient use. You won't have to dig through menus to set the power level, adjust the keyer speed, or change filter settings. And the KX3 has the same full-size display as the Elecraft K3, so all operating information is available at a glance.

The KX3's tutorial-style manual explains how and why controls are used, so new hams will be experts in no time. Of course you'll also have Elecraft's legendary customer support, and free firmware upgrades via the internet.

Optional accessories include :  (please click to view page)

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