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ICOM IC-7610

FIRST BATCH DUE EARLY OCTOBER - £100 secures yours as there will be limited availability. The IC-7610 will be priced at £3500

Icom have advised us to expect the first deliveries in the early Autumn and the price shown is the target selling price - this could change, but those who reserve are guaranteed this price!, Quantities will be very limited, so we suggest you reserve yours now for early delivery. We also offer generous part exchange if you want to replace your existing radio.

IC-7610 HF/50 MHz Transceiver (Base Station)
The IC-7610 is the successor to the IC-7600 and will be a dual-watch capable HF+50 MHz 100W base station with built-in antenna tuner.

The LCD will be touch screen and you will be able to connect an external display.

The biggest announcement made is that the receiving section has changed from the conventional superheterodyne method to a "direct sampling method" like the IC-7300. Equipped with real time scope, "complete dual watch" will be possible like Icom's top of the range transceiver, the IC-7851.

The main band and sub bands are completely independent and different frequencies and modes can be received simultaneously. Different antennas can be connected, and two speakers can be connected. You can also output it even if you divide left and right with headphones.

Other features announced:
  • 7-inch wide, touch screen colour liquid crystal display
  • Built-in speaker, same diameter as the IC?7300.
  • External digital display terminal (DVI)
  • SD card slot for easy firmware updates

You can listen to the main and sub with one antenna, and you can also divide the used antenna between the main and sub. Also, "diversity reception" can be also used in which the same frequency is received by different antennas. AGC control is separately possible.

BNC connectors have been adopted on the rear RX ANT IN / OUT and transverter terminals

A short video showcasing this prototype can be found on the YouTube channel: IC-7610 Preview Video.

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