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Elecraft P3

Panadapter display unit

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Offered here as factory- assembled version or in kit form.

The P3 Panadapter display adds a visual dimension to signal hunting with fast real time spectrum and waterfall displays of band activity. The P3 offers superior sensitivity and DSP processing, giving you the ability to see signals down to the K3's noise floor.

Features : 

  • Simple 5 minute plug-in integration with the K3 - No PC required for normal operation
  •  Screen may be split to display both spectrum and waterfall displays at the same time
  •  200 kHz maximum span; 2 kHz minimum span  (wider spans planned with future f/w updates)
  •   Point and click by pressing the "select" knob to move the K3 VFO to desired signals  (Sets VFO A or VFO B)
  •   "Undo" feature to return to the previous frequency (before QSY)
  •    On-screen cursors show where the K3's VFO A and VFO B are set, and their RX bandwidth
  •   Multi-pass signal averaging mode shows even weaker signals while averaging out the noise
  •   Peak detection mode to show total activity on the band
  •   Adjustable reference level and amplitude range scaling
  •   User calibration of the display to show absolute signal level in dBm
  •   Buffered IF output to drive other equipment (CW Skimmer etc.)
  •   Transparent operation to external logging and control programs
  •   Programmable function keys for both P3 and K3 commands
  •   Programmable IF input (455 kHz to 21.7 MHz) for use with many other transceivers (IF output required)
  •   Firmware updates with new features downloadable from your PC/Mac.
  •   P3 Utility can upload the current P3 sweep screen to a .bmp graphics file on your PC.
  •   Dimensions: 4" high x 6.4"wide x 10" deep (matches the K3)
  •   Weight: 5.5 lbs
  •   Available here as factory- assembled or as a modular "no-solder" kit

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