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Elecraft KX-BC2

External Lithium-ion fast charger for KX2





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Charge the Elecraft KXBT2 battery pack before installing in the KX2. The battery cannot be charged while installed the KX2.

Typical charging times are 2 hours for a fully depleted battery pack; 1 hour for recharging in normal conditions. Install the charged KXBT2 battery pack in your KX2 as described in your KX2 Owner's manual.

The KXBT2 battery pack delivers less than 12 V when fully charged. You may need to reduce your KX2 power output accordingly (See Transmit Settings in your KX2 Owner's Manual). 

Features :-

  • Constant-Current Charge at 2000 mA,
  • stabilized output with low ripple.
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Polarity error protection
  • Over-power protection

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