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Comet TF1800

Current Balun 1.8Kw (1.3-500Mhz)



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This is a High Grade Japanese Manufactured 50 Ohm Current Balun that will handle up to 1800watts .

It is designed to fit in the 50 ohm co-axial feed line to the antenna. It is suitable for any 50 ohm impedance antenna, including beams, dipoles, verticals etc.

The TF-1800 is best fitted at the antenna end of the coax feeder cable, where it can help reduce unwanted currents and radiation from the cable. The Comet current balun also helps maintain the clean radiation pattern of an antenna.

The fitting of this balun can provide a significant reduction in radiation from the coax and thus help reduce TVI and other local interference.

  • TF 1800 - High grade current balun
  • Frequency range - 1.3-500Mhz
  • Power -  up to 1800 watts
  • Impedance - 50Ohms
  • VSWR - Less than 1:5
  • Max length - 326mm
  • Weight - 450g
  • Connector - SO239 type

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