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New Elecraft MH4 Microphone (for K2/K3/K3S)





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New Elecraft MH4 Microphone (for K2/K3/K3S)

This new MH4 microphone is an enhanced replacement for the MH2, which is no longer available. It can be used with the K2, K3, and K3S transceivers. The MH4 has the same sensitive, high-performance element as the MH2, and can be used with the same bias and gain settings.

Other than the plug, the MH4 is identical to our MH3 mic, used with the KX2/KX3.

The MH4 has UP/DN controls, already supported by K2/K3/K3S firmware. On a K3 or K3S, UP/DN can be used to move the VFO or do channel hopping. On a K2, UP/DN alternates between VFO A and B.

The MH4 has a slimmer, more modern form-factor than the MH2, along with a less bulky coiled cord and a removable bracket that can be used to hang the mic in mobile applications.

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