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SteppIR STIR-00202

2 Element Yagi covering all bands 20m - 6m. 3kW





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The 2 Element Yagi has the highest value-to-performance of any of our antennas and is the antenna of choice for DX-peditions.

It actually performs more like a smaller 3 element yagi, due to it's innovative 57 inch boom. This spacing allows for optimal performance throughout it's frequency range with a definitive caveat - it would normally only be good for about 100 KHz of bandwidth.

 In the fixed element era of Yagi antennas, it was not feasible to make an antenna with such little bandwidth, but when you have an adjustable antenna like a SteppIR, it's no problem at all!

The basic model has a frequency coverage of 13.9 to 54 Mhz. With the addition of a optional 40M/30M rotatable Dipole you can also have 30 and 40M coverage, 40M through 6M all on one very small antenna.

 Specifications :

  • 2E Yagi Specs2E 20m-6m2E with 30/40m loop elementBoom
  • Length57 in / 1.44 m57 in / 1.44 m
  • Boom1.75 in / 4.45 cm1.75 in / 4.45 cmL
  • ongest Element36 ft / 10.97 m  (39 ft / 11.9 m with 40/30m driven element)
  • Turning Radius18.15 ft / 5.53 m20 ft / 6.09 m
  • Weight30 lb / 13.6 kg37 lb / 16.8 kg
  • Mast Clamps(included)2 in / 5.08 cm2 in / 5.08 cm
  • Wind Loading4.0 sq ft / 0.37 sq m6.0 sq ft / 0.56 sq m
  • Wind Rating100 mph (EIA-222-C)100 mph (EIA-222-C)
  • Adjustable Elements 2
  • Power Rating3KW3KW
  • Feed Points 1
  • Frequency Coverage13.8 - 54 MHz6.8 - 54 MHz
  • Tuning Rate1.3 ft per second1.3 ft per second
  • Control Cable 12 wire 22 AWG shielded12 wire 22 AWG shielded

 Please note that there is no 30m or 40m coverage unless the optional 30/40m kit is added. Check the alternative model that includes these bands factory fitted.

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