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Pro Antennas iPro HOME High Power

9 Band Vertical





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I-Pro Home Multi Band Vertical covers 40m to 6 m

Band coverage with a suitable ATU: 40,30,20,17,15,12,11,10  plus 6m

I-Pro Home  NEW Vertical Array  - 

This antenna uses Aerospace Alloys with excellent corrosion resistance. With It's Capacitive end loading and a high efficiency matching network, it has a low profile for use at home or Portable. Easy to erect and with a drop on Fibreglass base the antenna could be laid flat on the ground when not in use. 

Using a non-resonant design presents a broad band match, however some transceivers will require an internal or external ATU to provide full power output. Supplied with heavy duty base bracket and GRP base mount, which will require a 5ft ground post for mounting.

  • Specifications
  • Height .......... 5.0m
  • Span of end elements .... 2.5m
  • Weight (inc matching Unit)  4.5kg
  • Power.... 1kw PEP (20 - 6m) 600W PEP (30/40m)

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