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Mosley TA40-KR

40 meter rotatable dipole add-on kit





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 * 40 Meter Rotatable Dipole Kit for Mosley Models:
CL-33-M-WARC, MP-33, MP-33-WARC, TA-31-M, TA-32-M, TA-33-M,  TA-33-M-WARC, Any of the older TA "Senior" type, TA-34-M, TA-34-XL, TA-34-XL-WARC, TA-53-M, TA-54-XL, TA-63-N, TA-54-XL-N-6

* Picture shows TA-53-M with TA-40-KR added.

The TA-40-KR will turn your present antenna into a rotatable dipole on 40 meters, giving you a much better signal than you would expect.

If you think your "V", wire dipole, or vertical is doing just fine, think again!

Specifications :
  •  Frequency, MHz  7
  • VSWR at frequency 1.5/1 or better
  • Forward Gain, dBd 0
  • Front-to-Back Ratio, dB 0
  • Power Rating, watts CW 1500
  • Power Rating, watts SSB 2500
  • Power Rating, watts AM/FM 600
  • Power Rating, watts RTTY/AMTOR 600
  • Maximum Element Length Added +12 ft +3.66 m
  • Assembled weight +10 lbs     +4.54 kg
  • Wind Surface Area +1.5 sq ft +0.14 sq m
  • Wind Load, EIA 80 MPH+30 lbs +13.61 kg
  • Turning Radius +4 ft +1.22 m
  • Warranty 2yrs

The TA-40-KR will give you BETTER performance with the ability to rotate your signal.  It truly is worth the time and effort

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