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Mosley Mini-31-A

HF rotary dipole 10/15/20m 1kW





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The Mosley Mini dipole is a great antenna for those who want an antenna that will handle full power and give a measure of directivity.

 On 14MHz and above it is very easy to take advantage of a dipoles directional properties  A simple TV type rotator will easily turn this antenna and it is quite surprising how much signal rejection occurs off then end of a dipole.

Another advantage is that a dipole of this type can easily been turned in the optimum direction, whereas a wire dipole cannot always be placed in the optimum direction and of course an antenna like this has a low profile against the sky line.

One of the frequent questions is how is the coax cable connected to the antenna? and what about a balun match?
Well Mosley have opted for a direct connection as this is simple and there is no risk of water getting into a plug and socket arrangement and as for the balun, we recommend that you make a simple coiled coax cable balun.

Just make a coax coil of around 8-10 turns with a diameter of around 6."
Do make sure that you use some protective compund around the joints to avoid them welding together as they age..

  • Bands: 10-15-20m
  • Power 1Kw SSB 500W CW
  • Longest El. 19.8ft
  •  Turn Radius 8ft
  • Weight 2 lbs
  •  Mast Size 1.5"

Features :
  • 1 Element Rotatable Dipole
  • Ultra Light weight
  • Small Foot Print
  • Good all-around performance


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