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MFJ 1835

Cobweb 5 Band Loop Antenna






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MFJ's version of the popular Cobweb 5 band Loop Antenna

The Cobweb antenna has proved very popular in the UK where space is limited. The Cobweb is designed to cover five-bands (20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Meters) and is a half-wave open-loop design perfect for restricted space or portable operation. Built using sky-grey fiberglass spreaders and nearly invisible wire elements (12' diagonal), it blends in with your surroundings while standing tough against nasty weather. 
It is horizontally polarised for less local noise pickup plus has solid gain over verticals. 
This antenna can give up to 5 dBi gain will allow you to work DX easily -- even on QRP. The radiation pattern is nearly omni-directional so you don't need a rotator. It can be mounted using lightweight TV hardware on your chimney, balcony, fence post. It has an SO-239 feed point, is small in size, just 8 lbs., 
The MFJ-1835 is a compact five-band loop array especially designed for limited-space installations. Using horizontal polarization, it packs a 3-4 dB gain advantage over ground-independent verticals plus it boasts superior immunity to local noise and RFI. 
In addition, MFJ's highly efficient Spider-Match® network and adjustable tuning tabs guarantee low minimum-SWR on every band. 
MFJ-1835 only measures 9-feet on a side, yet it features a full half-wave element on every band for no-compromise DX performance -- even when running QRP! 
The MFJ-1835 is solidly constructed to take on extreme weather. With sky-grey fiberglass spreaders and stranded-wire elements, it blends in with any backdrop. 
Best of all, it is omni-directional, so you can omit the rotor and mount it high in the air using standard low-cost TV-antenna hardware. 
Five concentrically arranged 1/2-wave horizontal loops are mounted on a fiberglass X-frame. The footprint is square, with all five elements fed in parallel through a reactance-compensated broadband auto transformer. The radiation pattern is virtually omni-directional (± 1.5 dB). A sleeve-style ferrite balun is installed at the feed point to choke off unwanted common-mode radiation. The balun also reduces receiver-noise pickup and spurious RFI signals generated by consumer devices. Weighing just over eight pounds, the MFJ-1835 installs easily on virtually any portable or permanent mast from 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" OD. 
  • Minimum SWR: 1.1:1 or lower all bands, measured at 20' AGL 
  • Modeled Gain: 4.7 dBi at 20-feet AGL on 14.2 MHz with 37º TOA. 
  • Modeled Pattern: Omni-directional, ±1.5 dB, max. gain on axis with feed point.
  • Power Handling: 300-W pep SSB/CW recommended, never exceed 600-W

  • Weight: 8.2 pounds 
  • Mast Size: 1-3/4" OD maximum
  • Dimensions: 9ft x 9ft  per side, 12' diagonally

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