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Hy-Gain LFA-6M5EL

New 5 Element 6m LFA Yagi



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New 5 Element 6m LFA Yagi
Designed by renowned antenna Guru Justin Johnson G0KSC, this is a 3rd generation Loop Fed Array (LFA) yagi that offers low noise reception enabling you to hear weak signals that others can't!  With highly suppressed side lobes unwanted noise is eliminated making weak signals stand out!
The LFA yagis have lower SWR, higher gain, better front-to-back and more broad-banded than dipole fed yagis. With a direct 50-Ohm feed there are no lossy matching network to limit power handling, so you can use up to 5 kW with ease, depending on the coax used!  
Hy-gain LFAs are optimized for maximum strength using exceptionally strong tooled parts that give years of reliable service. 
All Hy-gain Super Heavy Duty 6-Meter LFAs have a 2-inch diameter double walled boom, 5/8 fully insulated elements and 7/16 outer tip sections. 
Die-cast aluminum boom-to-mast bracket and element-to-boom compression clamps are made with specially tooled machinery.
These antennas feature tooled swaged tubing that is de-burred and cleaned for smooth, easy and secure assembly.
These antennas are stronger, lighter, have less wind surface area, better wind survival, need no adjustments, look professional and last years longer.

Specifications :
Gain: 11.8 dBi
Boom: 50 mm Dia. 6.2m long

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