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Elecraft KPA-500F

160-6m solid state 500w amplifier fully assembled





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500+ watts in a compact package the size of the K3.

We are proud to introduce the KPA500: A 500-watt solid-state amp that integrates so well with your station, you would think it's reading your mind. Exactly the same size as the K3 transceiver, the KPA500 fills out our K3-P3-KPA500 'K-Line'.

The KPA500 features 160-6 m coverage, instant RF-based band switching with any radio, alphanumeric status display, bright LED bar graphs, and a rugged, internal linear supply. The amp's manual band switches may be used to directly change bands on the K3..

Also the K3 can even select per-band amplifier drive levels automatically when the amp is placed into operate mode, so you'll rarely need to adjust power output. But the KPA500 is not just limited to use with the K3 - it is fully compatible with most radios.

(Only amplifier keying (PTT) and RF are required for operation including instant RF frequency sensing, fully automatic band switching.

Features :
  • Built-in AC power supply. 115 / 230V switchable.
  • All ready built UK models are set to 230V 
  • Up to 600W output 
  •  Typical drive level is 30W
  •  Full and silent QSK at any CW speed. 
  •  Fully protected against high VSWR and over drive 
  •  Detailed LCD data screen 
  •  Auto Band Switching via RF sensing 
  •  Can be used with any transceiver
  • Please note : please allow 3 days to assemble here depending on stock situation

When used with the K3 transceiver an optional lead is available (KPAK3AUX) to provided hard switched band changing. It is also possible to configure the K3 so that when the KPA500 is in the operate mode, the drive level of the K3 is throttled back to an appropriate level automatically. This parameter can be set on a band to band basis.


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