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BEKO Elektronik HLV-550-10

430-440MHz Solid State Amplifier






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Available to pre-order shipped direct from Germany

430-440MHz Solid State Amplifier 550W   (10W INPUT VERSION)

A compact SolidState, high efficiency amplifier providing exceptional performance on 430-440MHz with single input and single output. High Spectral Purity

The HLV-550 contains the same technology and equipment as the standard class BEKO amplifier products. It impressively combines compactness with power capacity and weighs in at just 10 Kilos. The very compact design makes this amplifier ideal for DXpeditions and portable operating as well as a permanent shack fixture.

Additionally, all BEKO amplifiers are a full power duty cycle of several minutes so they are ideal for digital modes too.

Technical Data :

  •     Frequency range: 430 - 440 MHz
  •     Input power: 10 W
  •     Output power: 550 W
  •     1dB compression-point: 500 W
  •     Harmonics: -70 dB
  •     Spurious: -70 dB
  •     Return loss: 20 dB
  •     max. SWR: 1:1,8
  •     Supply voltage: 110-130 + 180-260 V, 50/60 Hz
  •     Temperature: -10 .. 30°C
  •     Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 470 mm
  •     Weight: 10,0 kg

  • Upgrade to HLV-1100: 1.500,00 Euro
  • Available as HLV-550-LPD with integrated 27 dB gain driver stage. Input level continuously adjustable from 5 dBm to 15 dBm. Surcharge 200 Euro

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